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Executive Meeting

October 19, 2021
Trini Mendenhall Center
1414 Wirt Rd.
Houston, TX 77055

Disappearance of Death

October 21, 2021
River Plantation Golf Club

High Heels and High Tea

October 29, 2021
Grand Tuscany Hotel
Time: 11:00am

Cy-Fair RW Luncheon and Fashion Show

October 29, 2021
The Grand Tuscany Hotel Click here for details

General Meeting

November 9, 2021
Trini Mendenhall Center
1414 Wirt Rd.
Houston, TX 77055


Welcome to GHC's newest club - the Central Houston Republican Women's Club!

Welcome to GHC's newest club - the Central Houston Republican Women's Club!

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Dear Friends,

Do you feel “Energized and Unified” after GHC’s GOTV Forum a week ago? Diamond & Silk were electrical! They started our event off with a high degree of energy and humor! (Who says that Republicans don’t have a sense of humor?) All of the speakers that followed just kept raising the bar by informing, inspiring and motivating all of us. A huge thank you to our speakers: Senator Paul Bettencourt, Jacquie Baly, Dan Crenshaw, James Rains, Kathleen Osborne, and Former Chairman of the Texas GOP, Steve Munisteri! Another big thank you to our sponsors! Lastly, thank you to all of you who joined the sold-out crowd! GHC hopes that you left energized and unified!

What resonated with me about all of our speakers is their shared passion – not just a passion to win an election but their passion for our country and the values on which our founding fathers (and mothers) built our government. It is a passion for and belief in the founding principles of our country and what the Republican Party’s philosophy is based upon.

I’ve seen this same passion and enthusiasm for our country, state, and party by many of the Republican women I’ve watched in action. But, in recent weeks, I’ve been inspired by two Republican women, who battling their or their family’s serious medical issues, continue to do daily work to get Republicans elected and support the Republican Party. They do this not because of their desire to be on a “winning side” – they do it because they believe in what our country and our Party stand for. One of these women has been a precinct chair and election judge for decades. Even though she spent the summer recovering from a surgery, this woman continues as an active member of GHC’s GOTV Planning Committee by attending meetings, calling possible sponsors, and telling her friends they needed to attend the event. I watched the other woman, while getting her chemo treatment, call people (whether confirmed Republican or not) to tell them they needed to attend the GOTV Forum to hear Diamond & Silk. She then went on to give her nurse information on the upcoming Harris County bond referendum and made her promise to go out and vote.

Passion in action! That is what both of these women share. At this point in their lives, they could easily “retire” from Republican politics and rest on their past accomplishments. But they haven’t. Even in the midst of personal difficulties – they haven’t given up helping Republican candidates get elected and supporting the Republican Party with their money and their volunteer time. Both of these women continue their work because of their passion for our country, state, and founding principles. They continue their work because they believe that Republicans elected to office are the best insurance for protecting our country, our freedoms, and providing prosperity and opportunities for all our citizens.

So, this fall, let’s remember our passion for our country, our state, and our party and go out and get Republicans elected! As Senator Bettencourt and Former Texas GOP chair, Steve Munisteri told us on August 11th, “Fight!…Embrace the challenge!”

Warm Regards-

Cindy Siegel