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GHCFRW General Meeting

May 1, 2018 For more details, please click here.

City and ISD Elections

May 5, 2018

Republican Primary Runoff Election

May 22, 2018

State Republican Convention

June 14-16, 2018

GHCFRW General Meeting

September 18, 2018


Memorial West Republican Women’s club is a group of dynamic, hard-charging Republican women.

The club is over 55 years old, starting in 1961. MWRW meets the first Monday of the month at 10:30 enjoying Mexican food and great company and speakers at Ninfa’s at 14737 Memorial Drive. Check them out on facebook or by emailing the president, Deb Cupples at We’re proud that MWRW is a member of Greater Houston Council!

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“Are Republicans secretly tired of winning?” This was a question posed by Erica Grieder of the Houston Chronicle in a recent column. What do you think the answer is – “yes”, “maybe” or a definite “no”?

The primary is over – now what? Primaries are always challenging as Republicans battle against Republicans to see who will “best” represent our party in the general election. However, there has not been a more critical time than now for every Texas Republican to put the battles of the primary behind us and move towards actively supporting our Republican Party and candidates. Yes, Texas Republicans outvoted Texas Democrats by over a half of a million votes, but we’re seeing the Democratic Party making gains in our urban areas and in some cases – outvoting us.

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May 1, 2018 10 am

Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road, Houston

The Experiences of Republican Women Campaigning for Office

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    GHCFRW past presidents at 55th Anniversary Luncheon

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon Chairs

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon Congressman Culberson

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon Congressman McCaul

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon TFRW, NFRW, and GHCFRW Recognition of President George and Barbara Bush

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    55th Anniversary Luncheon County Republican Chairmen

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    Republican Women of SJC

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    Board of RW of San Jacinto County

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    Kingwood Republican Women

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    Republican Women Club of Katy

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    West Pearland Republican Women

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    Magic Circle Republican Women

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